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Thu May 23 2019

Denso BHT-8000 Series

By ASP Microcomputers

Sophisticated reading capability means efficient operation

Equipped with an advanced scanning system, the BHT-8000 series can read even wide, high density, low-PCS labels smoothly.

Large liquid crystal display provides enhanced visibility

The compact body features a large 128 x 64 dot display. With the advanced layout function, you can reconfigure the display to meet your needs.

Adapts to any situation, anywhere, with superior operability

Operability is excellent, with large magic keys and trigger switches on both sides. While the body is compact, the key pitch is a wide 13.7mm.

Ample memory ensures reliable data collection

With FLASH ROM of 4 MB or 8MB, data can be backed up reliably. (BHT-8044/BHT-8044D/BHT-8048D/BHT-8144)
With FLASH ROM of 9 MB (user area 6.1MB), data can be backed up reliably. (BHT-8048DB/ BHT-8148DB)

Vibration ensures reliable reading confirmation

In addition to LED and beeping functions, the unit is equipped with a vibration function. Confirmation of successful operation can be obtained any environment.

Models available

BHT-8044: Optimal readability for touch scanning.
BHT-8044D: Suitable for a wide range of reading conditions, from touch scanning-range, to longer-range scanning.
BHT-8048D: Equipped with large 8 MB memory.
BHT-8144: Slant-beam model that enables easy desktop scanning.

Built-in Bluetooth ® wireless technology module (BHT-8048DB)

Enables communications with mobile phones, printers, Laptop PCs, POS registers and many other devices. (more…)