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Thu Jun 20 2019

Denso BHT-800 Series

By ASP Microcomputers

For first time users, or expert operators, experience and speedy scanning

An advanced scanning engine has been newly developed. Through its wide-range design, it has now become possible engage in work without concern for the distance from labels. Additionally, we’ve sped up scanning speed and improved scanning performance through a unique algorithm. All this significantly reduces stress while working.

A design that examine of a variety of review of extensive review of how our products are used

Extensive studies with on-site work performed in distribution and logistics in mind have been carried out to come up with a design featuring high operability that does not cause tiring even when used for extended periods. The ergonomic design ensures that the BHT-800 is easy to grip in any situation.

Full support of application lifecycles from design to development, installation and operation

By providing the development environment and management software that is essential to application developers and system administrators, we support a variety of your business with the BHT-800.

Other functions

The BHT-800 is fitted with fully-featured safety functions to allow for extended usage. In addition to a file system that protects data and superior durability performance. Also the latest wireless security protocols are supported. (more…)