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Sat Jun 15 2019

Denso BHT-600 Series

By ASP Microcomputers


High depth scanning
High-depth scanning that is able to support a range of tasks, from close proximity scanning to long range scanning.

Fast scanning
Twice the scanning speed compared with previous models with 100 scan/sec. and high speed decoding

Scanning Angle
From the upper to lower portions of shelves, a 50° scanning angle is set to allow for easy scanning while checking the screen. Work can also be carried on desks without strain.


Large 2.8-inch screen
The large screen allows the display of a variety of data in list format, such as delivery lists.

QVGA colour LCD
With an icon display for the task menu, intuitive and easy-to-follow screen design is now possible. Company logos, product images and the like can also be displayed.

Sharing of screens with the BHT-7500W
A smooth succession from BHT-7500W screens is possible.

Clear rendering of text
Since scalable fonts are used, text can be displayed in any size. The degree of freedom offered in screen design is expanded considerably. Clear rendering of characters with high stroke counts is possible through grayscale display.

Sharing of screens with other models
Since it features a QVGA screen that is compatible with BHT-200, 400 and 500 series models, the screen design can be shared. Application sharing is also possible with the use of a HTML browser.


IEEE802.11 b/g support (1)
Support for IEEE802.11 b/g means that multiple BHT units can perform access simultaneously with no decline in response times.

Wireless LAN security (1)
In addition to conventional WEP key security, the even more reliable WPA and WPA2 security technologies are built-in, preventing unauthorized access and electronic tapping.

Selectable security levels in line with security policies

Achieves long-lasting 24-hour operation (3)
24-hour operation with wireless on-demand connection. Enables 8-hour continuous operation even with an always-on wireless connection (3).

Durability and Environmental Resistance

Drop resistance performance
Achieves a high level of durability to meet the demands of actual operation using the technology we've acquired as a pioneer in barcode handy terminals.

Strengthened LCD protective plate
The thickness of the LCD protective plate has been increased, offering enhanced impact resistance that is double the strength of previous models.

Environmental resistance
Achieves an IEC international standards protection rating of IP54 through the use of high quality technologies.

Flash file system
A unique flash file system is employed to prevent data loss by retaining input data even without a battery. (more…)

1. BHT-604BW only
2. BHT-604B only
3. BHT-604BW only. BHT-604B features 12-hour operation.