Denso BHT-500 Series

By ASP Microcomputers


Improved scanning of narrow (low height) barcodes
Even with low height barcodes, scanning operability has been improved with automated scanning of the area around the guide marker.

Batch scanning of 2-row barcodes
Work efficiency has been improved by enabling the batch scanning of 2-row barcodes.

Improved scanning for faded or dirty barcodes
A scanning algorithm that is resistant to faded or dirty barcodes has been developed to bring further improvements to scanning performance for poorly-printed barcodes.

Support for RSS scanning
As well as conventional barcodes, RSS(GS1-DataBar) scanning is also supported.

Built-in BHT Photo colour image scanning function (Optional function)
Size and image quality can be selected from three types depending on the intended use. Up to nine patterns for saving files can be selected.

Display, Keypad and Memory

Fitted with the latest colour LCD
Built-in high-resolution colour QVGA LCD achieves outstanding readability. Improved work efficiency with the colour display of warning indicators and important items. Enables a host of character display options, including reverse-highlighting, fold type and double-sized characters. A variety of character sizes from small to large can be selected, delivering clearly-rendered characters.

Key layout that is conducive to work use
The M1, M2, ENT and BS/C keys are placed where they can be easily pressed. Settings to adjust the volume level or switch the vibrating function ON or OFF can be called up with ease using the MENU key. The resin key tops have a high-grade feel and offer superior durability, eliminating worries over keys falling out or worn-off key labels.

Built-in high capacity memory
Equipped with a high capacity of up to 16 MB of memory (8 MB for the BHT-503B), which allows over 100,000 records (100 bytes per record) to be registered in the case of master data.


Supports the IEEE802.11 b/g wireless LAN standard (BHT-504BW)
With IEEE802.11g support, high-speed wireless communications of up to 54 Mbps (wireless section) are achieved. Backward compatibility with IEE802.11b in previous models means that a mixed deployment of models is possible. Communication with portable printers is also possible through ad-hoc mode.

Also supports the latest WPA2 wireless LAN security technology (BHT-504BW)
In addition to conventional WPA-PSK and WPA-1x, the even more secure WAP2 technology is built-in, preventing unauthorized access and electronic eavesdropping.

Supports three types of interface - RS232C, USB and LAN communication
Data communications with a host device are possible through the communication unit.

Support for high-speed communications
A high-speed communication mode is equipped as standard, allowing large master data files to be sent quickly. The file compression function speeds up execution speed even more! A 1 MB master file (approx. 430 KB after compression) could be transferred in approximately 15 seconds.


High-level shock resistance
Achieves a high level of drop resistance (to a concrete surface from 1.5m) to meet the demands of actual operation using the technology we've acquired as a pioneer in barcode handy terminals.

Superior environmental resistance
Achieves an IEC international standard protection rating of IP54 (equivalent to the JIS Splash Proof rating), which keeps dust and water from entering.


Application for clothing businesses at the point-of-sale
A smart design that is well suited to in-store work in the clothing sales and the like, the model can be hung from the neck or kept in a pocket, offering freedom of operation.

Picking applications in distribution warehouses
Perfect for picking work such as in a distribution warehouse. With a sturdy body that combines both toughness with a compact and lightweight design, users can go at even hard work with full strength.

Can also be equipped with the BHT Browser web browser (optional function)
By simply equipping the BHT-500BW with the BHT Browser (optional software), linking with web systems developed using general-purpose languages (HTML + JavaScript) is possible.

Allows salespersons to go straight to sites from home, and return home directly
Data can be transmitted from home using a modem. (more…)