Denso BHT-300 Series

By ASP Microcomputers

Industry-leading performance and advanced CCD scanning

The BHT-300B Series achieves touch and distance reading of up to 450 mm (when narrow bar width is 1.2 mm). Denso's Advanced Scanning Technology improves scanning of wider labels and poorly printed or damaged barcodes.

Largest screen in its class

Choose from a large, easy-to-read font size or a maximum 11-character × 6-line display (12 dot font Kanji). Includes a compliant mode with an 8-character × 4-line display for utilizing applications from prior models (BHT-7000/BHT-5000).

Capable of expanded display and horizontal or vertical display.

Industry-leading impact resistance and superior environmental features

The BHT-300B achieves drop resistance (concrete floor) of 30 times at 1.5m.

Passes IEC International Standards Protection Class IP54 and reliably shuts out water and dust.

Power-saving design achieves longer operating time

A high capacity lithium ion battery and power-saving design extends continuous operating time and reduces costs.

Enhanced Features

Easy-to-Use Design
The angled scanner head and lightweight body improves user productivity by making the BHT-300 series easy-to-use, especially for retail, logistics and warehousing applications.

The vibrator reliably informs the operator of reading completion and errors, even in noisy operating environments.

Easy-to-operate, highly durable key pad 

Advanced Expansion Pack

The BHT-300B series is compatible with BHT-BASIC 4.0, which is now equipped with even easier to use functions, with a high level of compatibility with conventional modes, and easy transfer of applications.

Remote Wakeup Function

The remote wakeup function enables the BHT-300B series of scanners to be controlled by a PC, as well as facilitating remote maintenance of master files, applications, and operating systems. (more…)