Denso AT-10Q 2D Scanner

By ASP Microcomputers

Advanced 2D scanner with multiple interfaces

Supports serial communication with superior equipment.
Provides users to send and receive various characters such as regular characters, control code, etc.

Installs exclusive virtual COM port driver(1) on PC and perform virtual serial communication.
Provides users to send and receive various characters such as regular characters, control code, etc.

USB Keyboard
Communicates using a Windows standard driver as a human interface device. (No need to install exclusive drivers.)
Supports sending and receiving alphabetic characters, but not 2-byte characters (Chinese, Japanese characters, etc.) or control codes.

Superior scanning performance

Delivers about twice the scanning speed of conventional models, as well as scanning of obscured, faint, or marred 2D codes.

A high resolution model capable of scanning extra-small barcodes is also available.

Scans a wide range of barcodes

Realises scanning of wide barcodes such as GS1-Databar (RSS), CODE39 or EIAJ labels, CODE128 (EAN-128) as used in the medical industry, etc.

Supports scanning of GS1-Databar (RSS)

Versatile scanning modes

Point scanning mode
Pinpoint scanning on target, even when there are multiple barcodes in the scanning area.

Linked QR code batch scanning mode
Batch scanning of linked QR codes.

Multi-row barcode scanning mode
Simultaneous scanning of multi-row barcodes.

Highest level of drop resistance in its class

Impact-absorbing rubber gives drop resistance of up to 1.8 metres - the highest level in the class.

Built-in area guide marker

Features a laser area guide marker indicating the scanning area.

Compact, lightweight body

These scanners are designed from the ground up to be user friendly, from the rounded, compact body, to the large LED and loud buzzer for confirming scans.

Support for simple programming

Code matching
Provides 1 to n, 2-point and 3-point matching.

Data compilation
Supports various data compilation functions, such as scanned data re-arrangement, data clipping, etc.

Four arithmetic operations (including residue calculation such as conversion of units, etc.)
String comparison (support for wildcard specification)
LED display, buzzer control, etc.

Auto Sensor Function

Starts scanning automatically when a label is detected.

Image Capture Function

Provides image transfer about 20 times (2) faster than current models in capturing image. (When using USB-COM)

Software trigger function

Provides scanning control (scanning on/off) by command from host equipment. (moreā€¦)