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Sun Jan 20 2019

Barcode Zapper Linear Imager

By ASP Microcomputers

Meet the Barcode Scanner with attitude! ASP's Barcode Zapper™ is on a mission, aggressively grabbing any barcode that comes too near.

The first thing you'll notice is that there's a scan button on each side, making it comfortable for left or right handers.

Linear Imaging Technology gives the Barcode Zapper a sharper aiming line, and the all-in-one universal interface makes it suitable for most PC's. The new Barcode Zapper is a compact, high-performance hand-held barcode scanner, suitable for reading barcodes up to 120mm wide. And it's robust enough to withstand a 1.5 metre drop onto concrete.

The Barcode Zapper offers you an industry leading five year factory warranty. How's that for peace of mind!

Low power consumption makes the Zapper an ideal replacement for wands, particularly on Portable Barcode Readers such as ASP's Z4 DataTraq. (more…)