Cosen Bandsaws. Premium Saws For All Applications

By Applied Machinery

Applied Machinery is proud to represent Cosen in Australia.

Cosen saws are known across the world for their quality, reliability and competitive pricing.

We've been selling these saws to companies across the country for many years now and we're happy to provide a reference list if you'd like to speak to the guys using these saws on the factory floor each and every day.

The range of Cosen saws is too large to list completely on this product page, though there are some of our top sellers:

Cosen Swivel Head Mitering Bandsaw

  • MH210-M
  • MH270-M

Cosen Semi-Automatic Bandsaws

  • SH-460M
  • SH-500M
  • SH-650M
  • SH-600DM
  • SH700DM

Cosen Auto Hitch Feed Bandsaws

  • AH-250H
  • AH-300H
  • AH-320H
  • AH-400H
  • AH-460H

Cosen Programmable NC Fully Automatic Bandsaws

  • C-250NC
  • C-320NC
  • C-400NC
  • C-520NC
  • C-325NC (New Model!)

Cosen Programmable NC Mitre Cutting Bandsaws

  • C-500MNC
  • C-650MNC
  • C-600DMNC
  • C-700DMNC

Cosen Semi Automatic Double Miter, Double Column Horizontal Bandsaws

  • SH-710LDM (New Model!)

Cosen Heavy Duty Semi Automatic Billet Saws

  • SH-7550S

More more information on any of these saws listed above, please get in touch.

Phone: 03 9706 8066