MEBAsteel 1100 DG

By 600 Machine Tools Australia
  • MEBAsteel 1100 DG
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MEBAsteel 1100 DG
The smart choice for all-purpose bandsawing. The clever solution for structural steel
MEBAsteel 1100 DG 
Standard equipment 
• MEBA - Power Package: 
  •  Stepless, hydraulic cutting pressure- and feed regulator 
  •  Hydraulic material clamping 
  •  Display of lowering speed via scale 
  •  Display of cutting pressure via manometer 
  •  Rapid lowering of the saw frame via button until material edge 
• Stepless height adjustment at control 
• NC-Mitre capacity 30° - 150° 
• Fast lowering of saw frame by button 
• Hydraulic full-stroke material clamping 
• Modern, vibration damping saw frame guidance through 2-column linear guidance 
• Powerful AC saw blade drive with high efficiency and low energy consumption 
• Inclination of saw blade to vice bed approx. 3° 
• Height setting of saw frame passage 
• Saw blade drive with stop at end of cut 
• Movable saw blade guide for adjustment according to material width 
• Combined precise saw blade carbide-roller guidance 
• Saw blade tension hydraulically with pressure-release (stand still of  machine) 
• Saw blade cleaning brush 
• Exclusively MEBA micro sprayer 
• Monitoring of saw blade motion and saw blade breakage 
• Electronic SPS-control 
• Material clamping always closest to bandsaw blade 
• Material and shortest remaining pieces 
• Control panel separately mounted 
• Colour silver grey / blue grey (RAL 7001 / RAL 7031) 
• Instruction manual and spare parts list on CD-ROM
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