MEBA mat 434 bandsaw

By 600 Machine Tools Australia
  • MEBA mat 434 bandsaw
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MEBA mat 434
Power. Persistence. Precision.
Standard equipment 
• Lifting an lowering of the saw frame with a frequency regulated lead screw drive, with automatic cutting pressure and feed regulator. Rapid lowering of the saw frame via button until material edge 
• 2-column-linear guided saw frame 
• Hydraulic material-full stroke clamping 
• Monitoring of saw blade motion and saw blade breakage 
• Double material clamping as main vice 
• Automatic recognition of material height 
• Combined precise saw blade carbide-roller guidance 
• Removable coolant tank for easy cleaning 
• Menu driven user friendly NC control with text indicator 
• Automatic swarf channel calculation at multiple stroke function 
• 3 working hour meters for: 
total production time, saw blade service life and production order 
• Material infeed by servo-regulated ball screw drive and linear guides 
• Both opening by the infeed vice jaws at the material positioning 
• Proven ball lead screw linear guide and heavy saw frame 
• Automatic adjustment of blade guide arm, adjustable to suit material width 
• Serrated vice jaw inserts at infeed and main vice 
• Driven saw blade cleaning brush 
• Saw blade tension hydraulically 
• Coolant equipment can be combined with MEBA micro sprayer 
• Colour silver grey / blue grey (RAL 7001 / RAL 7031) 
• Technical design corresponds to the latest machine directives and electrical construction requirements with regard to safety requirements
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