MEBAswing 260 GA band saw

By 600 Machine Tools Australia
  • MEBAswing 260 GA Bandsaw
  • MEBA

MEBAswing 260 GA 
The smart choice for all-purpose bandsawing 
Standard equipment 
• Fast adjustment of mitre, step less from 30°-90°. With indication to accuracy on scale. The swivel is directly above the intersection of the saw blade and the fixed vice jaw so that there is a datum measuring point which does no change with the mitre angle. 
• Hydraulic material clamping via full stroke clamp 
• Fast material clamping. Material is always clamped at 90° (parallel) regardless of angle to be cut 
• Electric feed – and cutting pressure control by electro lift cylinder 
• Constant cutting pressure 
• Machine base with chip box 
• Coolant equipment can be combined with MEBA micro sprayer 
• Saw blade drive with limit stop 
• Minimum speed of rotation monitor at the band wheel 
• NC-control 
• Electric material infeed system 
• NC-controlled , automatic infeed by frequency-controlled rack infeed 
• Material infeed without re-clamping of material at short sections 
• Electronic SPS-control 
• Step less height adjustment by height sensing 
• Precise saw blade carbide-roller guidance 
• 1 handsaw blade 4/6 tpi 
• Colour silver grey / blue grey (RAL 7001 / RAL 7031) 
• Instruction manual and spare parts list on CD-ROM 
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