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Wed Jun 26 2019

H-530HA-NC Auto Hitch Feed Double Column Metal Cutting Band Saw 550 x 530mm (W x H) Rect. (B124)

By Hare & Forbes Machineryhouse

Order Code: B124
H-530HA-NC - Automatic Hitch Feed Double Column Metal Cutting Band Saw (415V)
550 x 530mm (W x H) Rectangle
Manufactured in Taiwan

Fully automatic and intelligent HMI touch screen programmable controller accepts many different job quantities and lengths complete with hydraulic vice clamping and hitch feed system

1. AUTOMATIC KERF COMPENSATION: Blade thickness for multiple indexing: This function allows and calculates the blade thickness into the programmed cut length so you achieve your desired length required (factory pre-set)

2. AUTOMATIC LOCATE TRIM CUT: When the material is placed in rear vice and this function is selected the machine will automatically find the material end and set up trim cut to the programmed value

3. "SAVE-A-BLADE": To prevent blade tooth deformities. This function retracts the material back approx 3mm away from the blade preventing the blade teeth rubbing on the material on the return after completion of cut

4. AUTOMATIC MATERIAL ZERO POINT LOCATION: This function automatically finds the start point of the material preventing unnecessary trim cut waste

5. AUTOMATIC SHUT-OFF: For finished jobs or out of stock


7. LCD SCREEN: With touch screen display
  • Bundle and single cutting mode switch includes bundle cutting clamps (nesting fixture)
  • Idle wheel motion proximity switches shuts off machine if blade breaks or slips
  • Trim cut function: cuts material end (zero point) in auto or manual mode
  • Automatic material location (zero point) to reduce unnecessary trim cut waste
  • Back-tilted saw frame for longer blade life
  • Coolant system incorporating a wash down hose with trigger gun
  • Inverter controlled infinitely variable blade speed 20-100mpm
  • Automatic (work height) material sensor with rapid approach
  • Automatic hydraulic blade tensioning system with maximum pressure of 30kg/cm2
  • Precision feed pressure & feed rate dual valve system for optimal performance in any material
  • Hydraulic operated carbide blade guides with additional ball bearing guides provides superior accuracy and reduce friction for longer blade life
  • Large double columns precision ground for additional support
  • Electrical and hydraulic safety interlock prevents machine starting if vices not securely clamped
  • Synchronised power driven blade cleaning brush removes swarf from blade
  • Hydraulic swarf conveyor directs excess waist to side of machine
  • Full stroke hydraulic cylinder vice provides quicker set-up of jobs
  • Fitted with vibration dampening device for better cut finishes, blade wear & blade life
  • Dual vice clamping providing burr free cut


Model: H-530HA-NC
Operation Type: Fixed (Double Column)
Cutting Head Beam Type: Fully-Automatic
Cutting Head Beam Return: Auto-Hydraulic Return
Cutting Head Down Feed Control: Adjustable Hydraulic
Round @ 90º: 530mm
Square @ 90º: 530mm
Rectangle (W x H) @ 90º: 550 x 530mm
Vice Clamping Fixture: Automatic-Hydraulic
Bundle Cutting Fixture:
Coolant System:
Table Working Height: 800mm
Blade Steps / Speeds: Variable 20-100 M/min
Blade Size (L x W x T): 5980 x 41 x 1.3mm
Motor Power: 5.5kW / 7.5hp
Voltage: 415V
Weight (nett): 3800kg