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Tue Jan 22 2019

BS-13DS Dual Mitre Automatic Swivel Head Metal Cutting Band Saw 458 x 235mm (W x H) Rectangle (B030)

By Hare & Forbes Machineryhouse

Order Code: B030
BS-13DS - Dual Mitre Semi - Automatic Swivel Head Metal Cutting Band Saw (415V)
458 x 235mm (W x H) Rectangle
The BS-13DS industrial duty metal cutting band saw has many features. Offering a double mitre swivel head to cut mitres up to 45 degrees left and 60 degrees right with a variable blade speed system, hydraulic feed control, a cutting capacity of up to 330mm diameter or 458 x 235mm in steel at 90º and three ball bearings per side with carbide blade guides for optimal control and accuracy. There is a choice of blade speeds via an adjustable dial system so that the cutting speed can be changed to suit a wide range of materials, whilst the built-in coolant system ensures maximum cutting efficiency and longer blade life. Both blade control arms are adjustable, allowing them to be positioned as close to the cut as possible. This means reliability and accurate cuts!

The cutting operation works automatically with the weight of the head providing the cutting force and a limit switch shutting the machine down when the cut is complete and automatically returning to set height position. The weight of the head is counter balanced by an adjustable hydraulic damper to control the feed rate, an excellent machine choice for maintenance shops, steel fabrications, and industrial engineering workshops. If you're looking for this size range of machine, you'll have a tough time finding a better metal-cutting band saw with these features and at this price, It represents excellent value.
  • 458 x 235mm (W x H) rectangular capacity
  • Double mitre swivel head for easy angle cutting without moving material
  • Semi-automatic operation, machine returns to open height position after finishing the cutting process
  • Automatic hydraulic vice incorporated with a manual hand wheel
  • Adjustable hydraulic vice pressure regulator
  • Blade breakage sensor fitted that automatically shuts machine off
  • Laser line guide assist in lining up material positioning
  • Hydraulic operated system raising and lowering the cutting beam
  • Adjustable hydraulic feed cutting rate for multiple applications
  • Mitre cuts to 45º right & 60º left using swivel head
  • Built-in coolant system for maximum cutting efficiency with wash down trigger
  • Adjustable variable blade speed system enabling 19-102mpm cutting speeds
  • Limit switch stops machine and raises cutting beam when cut is complete
  • Swivelling electric control panel mounted on base for quick operation
  • Combination roller bearing & carbide blade guides
  • Heavy duty cast iron blade wheels
  • Large mitre scale - easy to read
  • Cast Iron frame with heavy duty fabricated base
  • Adjustable blade roller guides provides accurate cutting
  • Adjustable length stop for repetition cutting
  • Wire wheel brush to clean swarf from blade
  • Industrial-duty gearbox driven by a 1.5kW / 2hp 415V motor
Model: BS-13DS
Operation Type: Swivel Head - Dual Mitre
Cutting Head Beam Type: Semi-Automatic
Cutting Head Beam Return: Auto-Hydraulic Return
Cutting Head Down Feed Control: Adjustable Hydraulic
Round @ 90º: 330mm
Round @ 45º: 330mm
Round @ 60º: 204mm
Square @ 90º: 330mm
Square @ 45º: 280mm
Square @ 60º: 160mm
Rectangle (W x H) @ 90º: 458 x 235mm
Rectangle (W x H) @ 45º: 310 x 170mm
Rectangle (W x H) @ 60º: 204 x 80mm
Vice Clamping Fixture: Automatic-Hydraulic
Coolant System:
Table Working Height: 840mm
Blade Steps / Speeds: Variable 19-102 M/min
Blade Size (L x W x T): 3810 x 27 x 0.9mm
Motor Power: 1.5kW / 2hp
Voltage: 415V
Weight (nett): 600kg