Learning Robot Palletiser Stacks Potting Mix Bags

By AccuPak

A Fuji-Ace learning robot palletiser was recently installed to to allow on-site  re-programming to be done to cater for the constantly changing bags sizes and capacities.

The hand held programming tool allows for easy fine tuning adjustments to be made without needing the services of a programming technician to visit site.

Fuji-Ace’s very powerful EC-201 learning robot palletiser was commissioned at the Kingsholme plant of QLD Veroom Industries to stack bags of potting mix at rates up to 1100 per hour in  bag sizes of 20, 25 & 35kg.

Filled bags from two different bagging systems are transferred to pick-up conveyors mounted either side of the palletising robot. The robot stacks bags from each line onto pallets located on either side of the robot. The control system allows a completed pallet on one side to be removed by fork truck  while the robot continues stacking the pallet on the other side, which allows continuous operation.