BudPak Stretch Wrapper For Fertilizer Products in WA

By AccuPak

An automatic LINE stretch wrapper was commissioned at the end of a complete bagging and palletising line supplied by BudPak for wrapping the filled bags and pails of fertilizer.

This turnkey bagging, robot palletiser and stretch wrapping line was commissioned during 2005 at the Bibra Lake plant of United Farmers in WA to handle between 700 - 900 containers per hour in of various types and sizes of 10, 25 & 40kg.

The DNC LINE turntable is a top end stretch wrapper that is ideal for integration into production lines as the LINE stretch wrapper accepts different configurations of pallet infeed and outfeed without requiring further customisation.

Once programmed, the stretch wrapping cycle ends, the cutting element automatically cuts off the film sticking it on to the load and load is evacuated; the stretch wrapping machine is ready for a new wrapping load.

BudPak is one of Australia’s most respected packaging companies with hundreds of installs in all types of industries throughout Australia, NZ and Asia/Pacific.