Bag Sewing Equipment Available From Accuweigh

By AccuWeigh


Accuweigh is the Australian agent for Newlong Bag Sewing Equipment.
Newlong is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of bag sewing equipment and has been manufacturing Japanese made bad sewers sine 1941. Newlong sells bag sewers world wide through distribution channels in all major countries.

Bag closing equipment of all types is available from Accuweigh branches in all mainland states, including:

Bag Sewers
Bag Sewing Heads
Bag Sewing Machines, Portable
Bag Seweing Machines, In-line
Bag Conveyors
Bag Kickers
Bag Elevators

Accuweigh is Australia’s largest industrial weighing and packaging company with branches in all states. Accuweigh are agents for both Newlong Industrial Bag Filling and Closing equipment and Fuji-Ace Robotic Palletisers.

NLI iNEWLONG INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD.j is the plant maker which has fully contributed to the development of the packaging technology since its establishment in 1941. It has developed the packaging system needed for the various manufactured goods including foods, daily necessaries, fertilyzers and chemicals, thus supporting all the Japanese industries through "Packing".
Its overwhelming market share of 95% for special industrial sewing machines, 90% for bag making machines, and 80% for automatic bagging machines has no equal in Japan.NLI is the one of the biggest manufacturer in the world market as a matter of fact.What has contributed to the development of the company to such a reliable position is its capability to identify and meet the most urgent requirement of the age. The company is ready to meet the ever more advanced and diversified industrial needs of the future as the pioneer of the packaging industry.