Accuweigh Valve Bag Filler for Granular Fertilizer

By AccuWeigh

An Accuweigh free standing vibratory feed, nett weight valve bag filling machine is being used for bagging agricultural and horticultural products by a large well known crop care company at its Melbourne bagging operation.

Fabricated in 316 stainless steel, this valve bag filler is custom designed and manufactured to suit the client’s exact requirements for filling granular fertiliser into 15kg valve bags at a rate of four (4) bags per minute with an accuracy of 50grams or better.

The free standing bagging system is designed to be mounted under the client’s existing supply hopper and incorporates an intermediate hopper fitted with a low level product probe and a variable two speed Eriez vibratory feeder to draw product from the intermediate hopper providing coarse and dribble feed control of product to the weigh hopper for optimum accuracy.
• an empty valve bag is placed onto the filling spout and automatically inflated
• he filling spout valve opens and product is discharged by gravity into the valve bag
• the bag is vibrated during filling to compact the product in the bag
• while the product is being compacted, the weigher commences another weighing cycle
• when filled, the bag is automatically released ready to be placed onto the pallet
Accuweigh has performed countless bagging and filling installations all over Australia which are proficiently serviced by local branches in each mainland state and can competently handle any filling, bagging and palletising application.