Accuweigh Carton Filling System Installed in Vic

By AccuWeigh

An Accuweigh automatic carton filling system is used to fill almond kernels into cartons at a almond processing plant in Victoria.. This custom net weighing and carton filling system was installed by Accuweigh’s Melbourne branch for filling cartons from 5kg to 12.5kg, at a rate of 4,500kg per hour with an accuracy of 30 grams or better.

Accuweigh’s net weighing carton filling system incorporates a 2,500 litre dual discharge supply hopper with adjustable product depth gates and is fitted with high and low level product probes.  Both the feeding and weigh filling lines of the vibratory filling system run parallel and are in a dust tight housing with hinged access doors for ease to clean and service. 
The weigh filling system and supply hopper are mounted on a free standing support frame designed to Australian standards. Also included in the filling system supply was an enclosed overlapping bucket elevator conveying almond kernels from the process line to the weigh system supply hopper.  

Accuweigh is Australia’s largest industrial weighing company and has hundreds of filling applications installed that are competently serviced by trained personnel based in each mainland state.