Uprox®+ Sensors

  • Uprox®+ Sensors

The new generation of inductive sensors

The deployment of inductive sensors faces complex and continuously growing demands of modern industrial automation. An end-to-end solution is required, ranging from construction, purchase and system engineering to operation and maintenance.

TURCK demonstrates impressively how to optimize process cost and to improve the efficiency and availability of systems with the uprox®+ factor 1 sensors. The uprox®+ sensors operate with innovative non-ferritic coils and circuit boards, of ering completely new application possibilities compared to conventional sensors with ferrite core and wound coil.

All inductive sensors of the new uprox®+  generation operate with highest switching distances, without reduction factor (i.e. same operating distance for all metals), are weld resistant, feature an extended temperature range, excellent EMC properties and are easily mounted.

Advantages for the user: Only a few  uprox®+ sensors are needed to cover a broad range of applications. Standardization is thus guaranteed, purchase and logistics are simplii ed and the variety of types as well as the costs are reduced to a manageable amount.

The sensors are available as standard versions in chrome-plated brass barrels or in stainless steel housings with LPC front cap and special double lip seal for heavy use or sudden temperature changes. These are typical ambient conditions faced in cleaning processes of the food and tooling industry. The tel on-coated brass versions of er extra protection against sparks and weld-splatter as experienced in the automotive industry during car body welding.

The sensors are accommodated in a rugged, rectangular plastic housing, needing little space while of ering high switching distances. We also of er other rectangular designs with relocatable active face.