Harsh-duty optical and magneto-resistive heavy-duty encoders from Veederline

By Veederline Pty. Ltd.

Veederline provides heavy-duty encoders that are reliable harsh-duty optical and magneto-resistive with washdown resistance and ATEX. The harsh-duty optical incremental encoders with washdown resistance ATEX certification unite highly accurate, incremental optical accuracy with the rugged magneto-resistive performance from NorthStar. These encoders will not corrode and will withstand temperature extremes from -40 C to +100 C.

The applications/features are as follows:

  • Extreme shock and vibration resistance
  • Special labyrinth sealing options on select models
  • Hazardous environment ATEX certification and intrinsically safe operation
  • Extreme corrosion washdown resistant stainless nickel plated models
  • Applications are food/beverage, oil/gas Magneto-resistive incremental encoders pulse tachs are a time-tested proven legacy of rugged performance with magneto-resistive technology, NorthStar encoders SLIM Tach and RIM Tach Series are unaffected by dirt, dust or dampness, making these your best choice for high horsepower, large-shaft motors and extreme environments.

The differentiating features are as follows:

  • Types: large motor, C-face mount and hollowshaft
  • High performance velocity and position feedback in extreme environments
  • Easy to install hollowshaft designs in sizes nearly twice as big as competitive models
  • Highest-grade Industrial bearings in the industry
  • Industry resolution up to 2048 PPR