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Tue Jan 22 2019

AAC releases new series DC current transducers

By Veederline Pty. Ltd.

AAC has released a new series of DC current transducers that provide tighter accuracy to 1.0% FS for more stable operation over a wider temperature range of -40°C to 85°C, versus similar products with a temperature range of -20°C to 60°C.


The new Series 920 and Series 921 transducers available from Veederline automatically monitor system data remotely, making them ideal for local and remote power stations where feedback of operational data is required, such as in communications and cellular towers as well as in manufacturing process control systems. The cost-effective transducers reduce labour costs both before and after installation. Each sensor uses only a two-wire connection, greatly simplifying installation, and the transducers’ automatic monitoring capabilities reduce the frequency of on-site inspections and related costs. Additionally, the new transducers incorporate a sensor yoke that opens and closes, versus a pass through-hole, making them suitable for use in updating older systems.


The Series 920 transducers are available in four models with input current ranges from 0 ADC to ±50 ADC through 0 ADC to ±125 ADC. The Series 921 transducers offers nine models with input current ranges from 0 ADC to ±200 ADC through 0 ADC to ±2,000 ADC. The new transducers are available in both closed-loop (Series 920) and open-loop (Series 921) configurations, come in a wide variety of supply range voltages from 18 V to 28 V, and feature reverse polarity protection. Normal current signal is 4 mADC to 20 mADC, with 24 mADC typical at overload, and input to output isolation of 500 MΩ at 500 VDC. The new transducers weigh only 14 oz. maximum and are encased in UL 94V-0 moulded plastic.