Plex Quality Management System (QMS)

Automation & Process Control

Plex Quality Management System (QMS) helps process and discrete manufacturers meet strict industry and customer compliance with a closed-loop digital system of record.

The cloud-delivered Plex QMS enables manufacturing enterprises to adopt industry best practices while helping them to reduce the cost of quality, maintain compliance, manage risks, and simultaneously scale up operations as required.

The smart manufacturing system is deployed internationally in industries such as food and beverage, precision metalforming, high technology, electronic products, and automotive.

One sought-after capability provided by the technology’s cloud platform, for example, is the ability to achieve a “single version of the truth”, enabling audits and mock recalls in minutes/hours, not days/weeks. Plex provides quality documentation and standards in real-time, digitally – across the enterprise. Plex QMS makes it possible to track production defects at the level of the container or individual part and determine products that need to be returned to the supplier.

Quality requirements and documentation can be shared in real time from top floor to plant floor, from supplier to customer, through the Plex QMS cloud platform. The system generates digital process control plans with detailed inspection instructions and digital check sheets, all tightly integrated with product specifications.

Benefits include:

  • Reduce quality costs and risk
  • Control operational behavior in real time
  • Gain and retain industry and customer quality standard certifications
  • Streamline the issue resolution process with built-in tools for corrective and preventative actions (CAPA)

Plex QMS uniquely supports closed-loop quality from a “Plan-Do-Check-Act” perspective, enabling continuous improvement of quality processes.