PBS - Universal pressure switch

By SICK Pty Ltd

The PBS is an electronic pressure switch, pressure transmitter and display all in one. It’s available with up to two switching output, analogue output and IO-Link in a single device.

Its intuitive configuration via three large pushbuttons and display facilitates operation. The housing can be rotated in two ways which means that the display and electrical connection can be aligned to match the specific installation situation.

The PBS can be utilized in a wide range of applications due to its gauge pressure measuring ranges between 0 bar - 1 bar and 0 bar - 600 bar.

The PBS features a fully welded stainless steel membrane, making it suitable for use with a host of corrosive media. Numerous standard process connections make adapters redundant in most cases. In addition, a flush-mounted membrane is available for pressure measurement in heterogeneous liquids.





At a glance

  • Electronic pressure switch with display for monitoring pressure in liquids and gases
  • Precise sensor technology with stainless steel membrane
  • Integrated process connections manufactured from high-quality stainless steel
  • Pressure values indicated on display. Output states are indicated separately via wide-angle LEDs.
  • Unit of pressure value in display can be switched
  • Min/max memory
  • Password protection

Your benefits

  • Quick and easy setup and operation due to three large pushbuttons and clear display
  • Perfect display readability and optimal cable routing due to rotatable housing
  • No compromises: Individual solutions through a variety of configurations
  • Universal application due to fully welded, highly durable stainless steel membrane
  • Saves space and costs: no adapters required due to broad range of standard process connections
  • Highly reliable due to application of proven technologies and high-quality materials, water resistance according to IP 65 and IP 67 as well as excellent overpressure safety
  • Ultimate system availability: IO-Link enables fast, reliable parameter setting when changing over products