DeltaPac - Photoelectric sensors

By SICK Pty Ltd

Bridging the Gap


For higher efficiency and quality in the packaging industry, the DeltaPac MultiTask photoelectric sensor utilizes Delta-S technology®, which combines four PinPoint emitters and two receivers with SIRIC® and distance measurement technology. The photoelectric sensor detects object contours with radii up to 20 mm – independent of the direction and irrespective of the object's surface color –with the highest level of immunity to active and passive interference. As a result, packages do not need to be manually separated, reducing collisions and increasing throughput. The operating distance is between 30 and 40 mm to the front edge of the object. This means that the packaging does not have to be manually separated. Collisions are avoided. For better space and time utilization. The DeltaPac provides information about how many packages are present in the process for full production monitoring. The photoelectric sensor is available as a pre-configured device for fast and error-free commissioning. IO-Link, which is also available, enables tailored configuration and adaptation to match the desired application.


At a glance

  • Delta-S technology®: four PinPoint emitters and two receivers combined with SIRIC® and distance measurement technology
  • Direction-independent object contours with radius up to 20 mm
  • For conveyor speeds up to 1.2 m/s or production capacities up to 55,000 packages per hour
  • Pre-configured sensors and individual setting via IO-Link
  • Compact housing (42 mm x 42 mm x 45 mm) with an IP 67 enclosure rating


Your benefits

  • Selective process optimization: information about the number of packages in the process enables better production monitoring
  • Better space utilization: no mechanical devices are required to isolate packages, reducing the width of packaging systems and saving space
  • Better time management: packages run in push-push mode, which prevents collisions and toppling, and reduces machine downtime
  • Stable production for reduced energy consumption
  • Fast and intuitive commissioning due to pre-configuration
  • Configuration via the IO-Link enables users to customize features based on the applications
  • Space-saving mounting due to compact housing