Reflex Array - Photoelectric sensors

By SICK Pty Ltd

The sensor with the light band: multifaceted and economical


The Reflex Array is unique. The MultiTask photoelectric sensor detects the leading edge of small, flat, transparent, or uneven objects within its light band, regardless of position. Perforated objects are reliably detected without multiple adjustments. This considerably reduces installation costs and speeds up commissioning. The Reflex Array therefore offers major cost benefits over conventional solutions, which use several individual photoelectric sensors or a small light grid. The Reflex Array is available in four variants with varying detection heights and minimum object sizes.


At a glance

  • Detects objects > 12 mm within a 50 mm light array, regardless of position
  • Sensing range for detection from 0 m to max. 4.5 m
  • Minimum distance of 0.5 m between sensor and reflector for all variants
  • PinPoint technology for intense red light
  • Automatic adjustment of the switching threshold when there is contamination

Your benefits

  • Reduces the installation work required by up to 50% compared to light grids or multiple photoelectric sensors
  • Detects objects > 12 mm within a 50 mm light array, regardless of position Three other variants are available for other objects.
  • PinPoint technology and optical alignment procedure enables simple and quick commissioning
  • Continuous Threshold Adjustment (CTA) ensures less downtime