deTec2 Core - Safety light curtains

By SICK Pty Ltd

Simply safe: easily operated and rugged in everyday use


The deTec2 Core safety light curtain is impressive with a new innovative system of brackets, no blind zones, and the increased height of its protective field. The effort required for commissioning and maintenance is minimized. The half-rounded contour of the rear of the housing enables the brackets to be positioned in any location on the housing. The FlexFix bracket facilitates alignment at up to +/–15°. Integrated LED displays, diagnostic functions, and automatic distance measurements help to save time and costs during commissioning. The deTec2 Core is also suitable for use in harsh ambient conditions thanks to the enclosure rating IP 65 and IP 67. The deTec2 Core provides reliable hand and finger protection at PL c protection level. With ambient operating temperatures of between –30 °C and +55 °C, the safety light curtain can also be used in low-temperature environments. The available protective field heights range from 300 mm to 2,100 mm.


At a glance

  • Type 2 (IEC 61496), SIL1 (IEC 61508), PL c (EN ISO 13849)
  • Absence of blind zones
  • Resolution of 14 mm or 30 mm
  • Protective field height of 300 mm to 2,100 mm
  • Automatic calibration on the protective field width up to 10 m range
  • Ambient operating temperature of –30 °C to +55 °C
  • Enclosure rating IP 65 and IP 67
  • Flexi Loop-compatible M12 male connector

Your benefits

  • Simple assembly with innovative mounting and no blind zones
  • Quick commissioning thanks to integrated LED display and automatic calibration on the protective field width up to 10 m range
  • Simply safe: rugged and reliable thanks to enclosure rating IP 67 and an ambient operating temperature down to –30 °C, enabling use in harsh ambient conditions
  • Intelligently standardized: M12, 5-pin provide cost reductions and enables a safe series connection with Flexi Loop
  • Basic function without configuration effort enables quick replacement when servicing is required