CASI Order Picking and Fulfilment Systems Automate Order Fulfilment Requirements

  • Automate Order Fulfillment Requirements with CASI Order Picking and Fulfilment S


The SolidPick Order Picking Module and SolidComm Host Interface Software applications in the Order Picking and Fulfilment Systems by Cornerstone Automation Systems (CASI) offers a full line of technologies designed to automate and speed up order fulfilment requirements. System applications range from the most basic pick and pack system to more advanced automated systems.


The CASI Order Picking and Fulfilment Systems will increase productivity as it allows you to:

  • Use a range of operator-assisted modules in fully automating fulfilment systems
  • Work with a highly accurate and efficient order picking and fulfilment systems
  • Receive an exceptional service from knowledgeable and experienced applications engineers, who will create a reliable order picking system design just for you



Create your own multiple picking methodologies


The system allows you to select the most appropriate picking methodology with the following considerations:

  • Productivity rate in picks per hour
  • Time requirements for bringing the order to the shipping dock
  • Rate of accuracy of each picking methodology


Sample applications of CASI Order Picking and Fulfilment Systems

  • Pick to belt: Recommended for full case order picking for palletised shipment
  • Voice Picking: Works with real time voice instructions
  • RF/Terminal Picking - Recommended for picking multiple orders with mobile RF and order picking carts
  • Pick to Light: For quick, intuitive hands-free application
  • Batch and Trolley Order Picking: Ideal for handling multiple orders by picking multiple cartons and totes


With the SolidPick module, CASI offers multiple picking methodologies, which allow our application engineers to match the methodologies to the operation and ROI requirements.


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