CASI Automatic Conveyor Sortation Systems

The Automatic Conveyor Sortation Systems by Cornerstone Automation Systems (CASI) gives you the revolutionary innovations brought by the SolidRoute Routing and Sortation Software, and SolidComm Host Interface Software in delivering comprehensive solutions for automated sortation, routing and merge control applications for distribution centres. It simply allows operators to effectively track products while having access to highly accurate performance diagnostics and reports.


The CASI Automatic Conveyor Sortation Systems is designed to deliver maximum flexibility in any routine and sorting system application. As with any sorting system, product details like carton lengths, weight and conveyor speed will all affect the parts per minute rate delivered by the system. However, it is highly reliable in enhancing the speed and efficiency of fixed position scanners, RF tag readers, and in line scales and conveyor controls. It seamlessly integrates an accurate system for routine map routing and sortation. With the system’s SolidComm software, it offers data management module with its versatile single point interface.


The system is ideal for applications such as sortation to shipping lanes, product to pack sorting, sortation to carrier type and service, returns processing and management of ‘receiving’ and putaways. It is also ideal for managing conveyor sortation systems that use popup rollers, 30/45/90 degree transfers, tilt tray, sweep or push sortation, crossbelt, and other specialty systems like bags, garments or very small to very large products.


Guided by its expertise in creating innovative sortation and material handling solutions, CASI designed its Automatic Conveyor Sortation Systems to seamlessly work with several types of sorters and sortation systems for a range of applications in effort of determining the most suitable system in optimising efficiency and speed for managing crucial factors like required number of sorts, throughput needs, and overall cost.


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