CASI Order Picking and Fulfilment Systems


The Order Picking Module and Fulfilment Systems by Cornerstone Automation Systems (CASI) gives you the revolutionary innovations brought by the SolidPick Order Picking Module and SolidComm Host Interface Software. Along with CASI’s full line of state-of-the-art technologies in automating order fulfilment requests, the CASI picking and fulfilment systems can work with the most basic pick and pack systems to more advanced automated systems.


The system is designed to handle a full range of applications in processing products and orders while also increasing productivity. It allows you to manage a range of operator assisted modules with a fully automatic system with high accuracy; thereby establishing an efficient picking and fulfilment system for your company. More importantly, it delivers exceptional service with knowledgeable applications engineers in updating or upgrading the order picking system design of your company.


The CASI Order Picking and Fulfilment Systems is highly recommended for systems with multiple picking methodologies, giving you the advantage of increasing productivity in picks per hour, optimising cycle time for delivering the order to the shipping dock—all accurately performed by the order picking and fulfilment system, only by CASI.


Samples applications of the CASI Order Picking and Fulfilment Systems include voice picking where the system is managed by real time voice instructions, the pick to light application where the system is managed by a fast and intuitive hands-free terminal, the pick to belt application-ideal for full case order picking for palletised shipment, RF/terminal picking applications where multiple orders are managed by mobile RF order picking carts, zone picking applications that use conveyor systems in moving order packages or totes to the pick zone, and the batch and trolley order picking-ideal for managing multiple orders and multiple picking of cartons or totes.


The exceptional service that SolidPick Order Picking Module and SolidComm Host Interface Software delivers in every Order Picking and Fulfilment Systems by CASI allows application engineers to precisely match the picking methodology required by any company’s operation and ROI requirements.


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