Motorised Sirens: Siren Sound Modulators

By Mechtric
  • Motorised Sirens: Siren Sound Modulators


  • Provides selection of wailing or continuous tones for motorsised sirens
  • Single phase and 3 phase versions available
  • Optional time clock
  • Optional radio or GSM controls


  • Voltage:¬† 240V 1ph or 415V 3ph
  • Contactor Rating:¬†12 Amp (higher current ratings also available)
  • Timer:¬†Asynchronous recycler with independent on and off times
  • Protection: IP54

Custom Built Controls
Mechtric can supply custom built siren and warning light controls including-

  • Time clock or PLC controlled start controllers
  • Line of sight radio control
  • Controls with transceiver for long distance radio control
  • Controls with GSM modem for control via mobile phone