Hazardous Area Signalling

By Mechtric
  • Hazardous Area Signalling

Mechtric have further enhanced their range of audible and visual signaling products with the introduction of the E2S BEX range of IECEX certified sounders, beacons and loudspeakers for use in hazardous areas.

The BEX range is made up of two sizes of electronic sounders, a 110dB @ 1m and 120dB @1m model, three sizes of strobe beacon, 5J, 10J and 15J, a 15W and 25W loud speaker and a combined 110dB sounder with 5J strobe.

All models are available in 24VDC, 110VAC and 240VAC.

The IECEX certified BEX range is suitable for Zone 1 and 2, group IIC gases for Exd applications, in addition to zone 21 and 22 DIP applications for dusts and powders.

The duel DIP and EXD certificate makes for an extremely versatile range of sounders, beacons and loudspeakers suitable for use in oil and gas processing, chemical and fertilizer industries, mining, coal handling and grain handling applications.

Under the IECEX scheme, the E2S range of signals is not only suitable for use in hazardous area environments within Australia, they are also suitable for use in over 20 other countries, including the USA, UK, and Japan.