Electrolytic tilt sensors

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  • Electrolytic tilt sensors
  • Electrolytic tilt sensors
  • Electrolytic tilt sensors
  • Electrolytic tilt sensors
  • Electrolytic tilt sensors

Spectron single axis electrolytic tilt sensors are available in full scale ranges from ±0.25 degrees to ±80 degrees, in both glass and ceramic construction.

The RG and CG Series Electrolytic Tilt Sensor is designed for extremely high accuracy measurements over shallow angular ranges, and in dynamic conditions.

The L-Series Electrolytic Tilt Sensor provides unparalleled accuracy for wider angle measurements. The SH50050 Ceramic Series Electrolytic Tilt Sensors provide a high accuracy, lower cost alternative for both shallow and wide angle measurements.

For dual axis measurements, the SP5000 and AU6000 Series Electrolytic Tilt Sensors afford price, performance, quality and exceptional reliability. Geared towards the OEM marketplace, these tilt sensors feature a PC board mountable design, no moving parts, and a symmetrical pin design.

Electrolytic tilt sensors are designed to measure pitch and roll movements in a variety of applications. Electrolytic level sensors are electrically resistance potentiometers operating at relatively low frequencies and come in different packages and ranges.

Electrolytic tilt sensors can be used under conditions of extreme temperature, humidity and shock for high accuracy measurement. However, they should not be exposed to DC currents which would cause an electroplating action.

As non-signal conditioned sensing elements, there are single and dual axis versions of the electrolytic tilt sensors. These sensing elements can find applications in Aerospace, Construction lasers, Construction equipment, Camera systems, Industrial machine tools, Geophysical tilt meters, Gyroscopes, Oceanographic, Weapon aiming and Military.

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