Fastening Options

By 80/20 Asia Pacific Pty Ltd

80/20 has the largest assortment of fasteners available in the industry!  We stock over 20 types featuring over 400 variations and combinations for your applications.

Slide-In Economy T-Nuts: single economy T-nuts are availabe with the thread centered or offset to best fit your application requirements.  Offset T-nuts are ideal for making clean end connections without compromising strength.  Centered T-nuts work well for connections made in center of a profile or with a joining plate.

Standard Slide-In T-Nuts: made of 1215 carbon steel, are high-strength, low-cost fasteners that load from the profile end.

Drop-in T-nut fasteners are a cost-effective, modular choice for most mounting needs.  If the profile ends are captivated, drop-in fasteners can be placed directly in the T-slot, then rotated for secure placements.

End Fasteners provide a strong, square, hidden joint in a fixed location that simplifies assembly.

Self-Aligning T-Nuts have a raised section that extends up into the T-slot opening.  This feature will center the threaded hold of the T-nut in the T-slot, prevent rotation and allow for longer thread dimensions.

Roll-in T-Nuts with Flex Handle, Set Screw, Ball Spring or Spring Leaf load from the profile side, allowing add-ons to your application without dismantling the frame and hold the T-nut in place for easy positioning.  The flex handle makes removal of the drop-in simple.

Slide-in Economy T-Slot Studs, loaded from the end of a profile, are the strongest fastener available from 80/20 for use with joining plates.  By engaging the Drop-Lock feature, they provide a vibration-proof connection when properly tightened.  The square key on the shoulder of the bolt prevents the stud from turning when an application is subjected to vibration.

Drop-in T-Slot Studs load from the profile end or into the profile side.  If the profile ends are captivated, drop-in fasteners can be placed directly in the T-slot, then rotated for secure placement.

Anchor Fasteners, available in single and double configurations, are perfect for making 90 degree connections in the center of a bar.

Butt Fasteners allow you to fasten two profiles end-to-end with maximum strength and near-perfect alignment.  When space restrictions prevent the use of joining plated, butt fasteners are the perfect solution.