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Dräger Interlock XT

By Draeger Safety Pacific Pty Ltd

Dräger Interlock XT
The Dräger Interlock is a breath-alcohol measuring instrument with a vehicle "immobilizer". After taking a breath alcohol measurement, the Interlock prohibits a driver who has consumed alcohol from starting the motor. It can easily be installed into the vehicle.
By installing a Dräger Interlock, you can avoid accidents caused by alcohol consumption. Additionally, long-term attitude changes towards overcoming alcohol problems may be an added benefit.
  • Prevents the starting of the vehicle when alcohol is detected in the driver’s breath,
  • prevents accidents while under the influence of alcohol,
  • high measuring precision, long term stability and specific measurement of alcohol by electrochemical DrägerSensor,
  • fast readiness for operation,
  • is resistant to tampering,
  • records all events in data storage for later review.
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