Uniflux Direct Reading Flowmeter

By Duff and Macintosh

Standard Product Specification
Flow Ranges : Gas range 20 cc/min - 100 l/min
(air equiv.)
Liquid range 2 cc/min - 4.5 l/min
(water equiv.)
Scale Length Options : 140mm / 100mm / 30mm
Accuracy Class : 1.6 / 2.5 / 4 VDI/VDE
Temperature Range : -15°C to 120°C
Maximum Pressure : 20 bar non shock
Connections : Stainless steel or Nickel plated brass
1/4" BSP Female
Seals : Viton
Flow tube : Borosilicate glass
Float : Stainless steel, Anodised aluminium

Features and Benifets

Gas and Liquid flow measurement - One solution to all applications
Customised scales - Precisely matched to specific conditions
Choice of 3 scale lengths - Optimum readability
30:1 Turndown available - Reduced installations
Repeatability better than 0.5% reading - Improved process control
Optional needle valve - Precise control at reduced cost
Removable tubes - No need to break connections
Angled or straight connections - Flexible piping layout
Simple mounting - Low installation cost
Retained polycarbonate cover - Ensures operator safety
Aesthetic styling - Suited to integration in original equipment

Standard and compact series are available in a range of materials with optional fine/ultrafine needle control valves.

Angled connections and aesthetic styling make these first choice for incorporation into sampling and analyser systems. The compact series is suited to applications where space is particularly limited.

Long Series provide maximum readability and extended flow ranges, suitable for laboratory and calibration applications. Accuracies of 1% reading to fully traceable standards are available on request. 

Long Series with integral ultra-fine control valve, and bench stand meets the exacting standards of laboratory measurement needs.

Straight through stainless steel connections & fitted with an infrared alarm which can be user set to provide a switched output on safety critical applications.

Fitted to the upstream and downstream tappings of a flange orifice section, Uniflux provides cost effective flow measurement in pipe sizes 25mm upwards in liquid or gas applications.


Long, standard and compact flowtubes are available in a wide range of standard scales to suit many common fluids and operating conditions. Customised scales are also provided to meet more specific fluid or varied conditions of use on request. Anaesthetic flow tubes for use in medical equipment are available for air, oxygen & nitrous oxide

Lowest total cost solutions can often be realised through product customisation to meet the specific needs of any repeat application. By discussing your requirements at the design stage, the need for ancillary equipment and additional connections in a system could be substantially reduced. The unit shown left incorporates customised end connections and an integral through valve arrangement