Style F Sight Flow Indicator

By Duff and Macintosh

This sight flow indicator is ideal for you to visually check the flow, presence, colour and condition of a liquid.

  • Stainless steel flap and scale plate
  • CE marked and fully PED compliant
  • Pressures up to 60 bar
  • Temperatures up to 250°C
  • Short lead times
  • The lowest prices in the UK
  • Designed and manufactured in the UK

With the flap and easy to read scale the style F sight flow indicator is used to check the flow rate of a liquid in a pipeline. It can be used in vertical or horizontal lines and is ideal as a plant safety device where you need to maintain a constant flow, for example in lubricating or cooling systems.

The bodies are cast in either carbon steel or 316 stainless steel.

The glass windows are held in place by stainless steel covers and screws, and sealed with PTFE gaskets, giving superior protection. For ease of maintenance the glasses can be individually removed and replaced.

For standard applications the indicator is fitted with toughened soda lime glass discs to BS3463 and rated to 16 bar. For steam and condensate we recommend toughened borosilicate glass, while for alkaline liquids mica discs can be used to protect the glass.

The sight glasses can be supplied with screwed connections to NPT, BSP parallel or taper. The standard flanges available are ANSI 150, ANSI 300 and PN16, though special flanges can be machined.

Body - Primary Flowpoints  can supply sight glasses in special materials such as super duplex or low carbon steels. Sight glasses conforming to NACE MR0175 can be produced. For particularly corrosive applications the body and flap can be lined with HALAR, ECTFE or PFA.

Glass - High pressure toughened soda lime to BS3463 rated to 60 bar, toughened borosilicate to BS3463 or DIN7080 rated up to 16 bar. The high pressure range uses powder coated mild steel covers as standard.  Stainless steel covers are available as an option.

External Pointer - For dirty or darkly coloured liquids one window can be replaced with a steel cover and external pointer.

Spring - For high flow rates and vertical lines the flap can be spring loaded.  This option will give three times the normal flow range.

All flowpoints indicators are manufactured to the highest standards.

The quality system is independently audited by BSI and certified to ISO 9000. The indicators are fully PED compliant and CE marked where required. TUV are our external auditors for the Pressure Equipment Directive.

Full material traceability is maintained, material certificates and pressure test certificates are supplied on request.

Materials of Construction
Covers: (Standard) - Stainless steel BS 1504 304 C15
(High Pressure) - Powder coated mild steel

Internal Gasket - PTFE

External Gasket - Klingersil C4400

Edge Protector - Klingersil C4400

Fasteners:(Standard) - A2 Stainless steel
(High Pressure) - High tensile steel