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Tue Jun 18 2019

Gas Cleaning: Odorgard Scrubbing Technology

By The Environmental Group Limited

Odorgard™ technology is an addition to conventional caustic/hypochlorite scrubbing technology, developed in the UK by ICI Katalco. In an Odorgard™ system the recirculating scrubbing liquid is passed through a relatively small reactor containing a nickel based catalyst. This catalyst enhances the oxidation potential of the scrubbing solution by creating a very strongly oxidizing oxygen free radical that is held on the catalyst surface. This provides a number of benefits:

  • Improved scrubbing efficiency on hydrogen sulphide and higher molecular weight sulphides
  • Improved scrubbing efficiency on a range of VOC compounds
  • Greater odour intensity reduction
  • The ability to simultaneously scrub low levels of ammonia and amines
  • The virtual elimination of residual chlorine and chlorinated by products in the exhaust gas
  • Reduced chemical consumption of caustic and hypochlorite