Gas Cleaning: Dynawave Scrubbing Technology

By The Environmental Group Limited

Originally developed by E.I. Du Pont de Nemours, this technology is now used in over 140 applications in over 30 Du Pont plants worldwide. Now marketed by Monsanto Enviro-Chem Systems under licence to Du Pont, Monsanto have installed over 160 systems in a variety of applications worldwide.

The heart of the technology is the reverse jet, wherein the scrubbing liquid is injected counter-current to the gas stream in an open duct. The correct selection of gas and liquid flow rates and velocities results in the formation of an extremely turbulent "froth zone" where the liquid meets the gas stream. This provides highly efficient scrubbing in a non-clogging environment.

This provides the following advantages:

  • High efficiency gas absorption and particle removal from very dirty gases
  • The ability to handle gases containing sticky solids
  • The ability to scrub with high strength slurries such as lime or magnesium hydroxide
  • High efficiency fine particle removal
  • Minimized maintenance requirements from having no internal components