Alfa Laval releases new brazed heat exchanger generation for low-GWP refrigerants


Governments around the world are seeking to limit the global warming effect caused by fluorinated gases (F-gases). With the release of the new Alfa Laval AC74 generation, Alfa Laval offers HVAC and Refrigeration customers a range of brazed plate heat exchangers that are uniquely engineered to improve energy efficiency and enable the use of refrigerants with low global warming potential (GWP). 

Designed for air conditioning and process cooling duties, the AC74 generation addresses the challenges that come with the shift to low-GWP refrigerants. One problem is freezing, which damages the equipment. Alfa Laval’s IceSafe feature counters this effect to ensure controlled, non-destructive freezing when operating with sub-zero media.

Another challenge is high operating pressures, for example when working with R-32 (Difluoromethane). The ACK74, released with the new AC74 generation, is specifically optimized for use with R-32.


“We designed the AC74 to help customers meet the demands for energy efficiency and new refrigerants in the best possible way,” says Alfa Laval.

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