By Materials Handling Pty Ltd
  • AeroTec

AeroTecTM is designed to continuously pull new air in and push old air out.

It’s not just the amount of air, it’s the exchange of air, that makes the trailer, container or enclosed area a more comfortable, cooler and productive work environment.

Ideal for fumigated containers.

Breakaway design eliminates costly fan replacement.

If AeroTec should be accidentally hit, the breakaway design of the plastic air delivery tube means it can be easily repositioned without costly repair or replacement.

AeroTec’s design is the new technology Air Replacement System that will replace old fans.

For workers at loading docks, distribution centres, wharves etc, AeroTec is "A Breath of Fresh Air".

AeroTec’s design enables it to do more with the air it moves while using less energy.

It takes up to 75% less space than conventional arm-supported blade fans.

  • Loading trucks and containers
  • Improve worker’s environment and comfort
  • New technology air replacement system