2 Stage Rotary Screw Air Compressors

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Unlike a conventional single stage compressor, a 2 Stage air compressor divides the overall compression ratio between two distinct stages. This significantly reduces internal leakage losses resulting in substantial efficiency gains as well as extended bearing life due to reduced applied loads. 

Southern Cross 2 Stage air compressors require a smaller drive motor to produce the equivalent volume flow rate to that of a single stage compressor.

Remarkable efficiency savings are achieved through reduced leakage losses 2 Stage technology works by dividing the overall compression ratio between two distinct screw airends, as opposed to one, minimising internal losses and resulting in efficiency gains of between 15 and 20%. This typically means a compressor with a drive motor one or even two sizes smaller is required to maintain a plants air demand.

75 – 355 kW

Up to 13 bar

17.4 - 70m³/min