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By Link Rich Pty Ltd

Air tools or pneumatic tools are tools powered by compressed air and power tools are tools that powered by electric motors. Air tools and power tools both work faster and easier in comparison manual hand tools. Nearly every manual hand tool has a powered equivalent, saving time and effort on jobs.

Comparing air tools and power tools, air tools are commonly cheaper and safer to run and maintain than power tools because its working turbine mechanism is simpler than complicated electric motors. When compressed air is expanded to a lower pressure, it is able to push a piston, as in a jackhammer; go through a small air turbine to turn a shaft, as in a high-speed dental drill; be expanded through a nozzle to produce a high-speed jet, as in a paint sprayer etc.
Industries such as mechanics, workshops, factories, assembly lines etc. tend to use air tools for its massive power output. Major types of air tools include: Drills, Wrenches, Grinders, Chipping hammers, Sander, Screwdriver, Trimmer, Riveting guns, Rock drills, Paint sprayers, Sandblasting machines, Clay and trench diggers, Sand rammers, Paving breakers, Nailers, and Staplers etc.

Power tools are commonly used world wide, with many applications being found for their labour saving convenience. However, air tools are preferred over power tools by its massive power output, low cost operation and low cost maintenance.

AIRSUPPLY® air tools is a premium hobby air tool range that is also suitable for some light industrial applications. AIRSUPPLY® aims to offers a convenient shopping experience for most compressed air supply needs, and a distribution channel for many local and overseas brands.