Air Dryer with Gauze Filter

By Link Rich Pty Ltd

Air blower with large surface coverage and gauzed to remove dirt and other impurities from air when blowing. Features adjustable air volume control and complimentary "Nitto" style quick release plug. Ideal for spot drying.

The quick dry blower brought to you by AIRSUPPLY® is ideal for small areas and touch-up paint jobs, features air regulation control and gauzed filter to trap dirt and debris away from that protect finish. With aluminium body and plastic handle, this practical and light-weighted quick dry blower gives you an efficient and professional result of drying waterborne paint.

AIRSUPPLY® also offers durable nylon fibre air blow guns, features comfort grip handle and brass air inlet. AIRSUPPLY® air blow gun range comes in standard 4” and 13” long angle nozzle. Other variation includes: adjustable air blow gun which allows users to adjust and control the airflow; 3 in 1 air blow gun which can be used as an air tip or a tyre inflator; Telescoping and angle swivel blow gun which offers easy and precise cleaning; Compact palm blower with thumb trigger for confined spaces; and the popular Pocket air blower that offers convenience and quality while using compressed air tools.

Air blow gun or air blower is used primarily for debris removal and purging, non contact part cleaning and drying, and general lab or industrial applications. Air blow gun attaches to air lines for manual actuation as well as control of airflow. AIRSUPPLY® air blower range is a must-have for various industries such as automotive, manufacturing, and engineering markets.