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SilaFARM Crop Packaging

By Integrated Packaging

Integrated Packaging  - A range of crop packaging products including silage stretch film, bale twine, bale netting, inoculant solutions, grain bags, silage pit covers and mulch film.

Integrated Packaging’s Agricultural Division is a world leader in the development, manufacture and supply of integrated wrapping, baling, storage and silage inoculant solutions.

The SilaFARM crop packaging range offers customers a selection of quality harvest options including a choice of five different bale wrapping films plus baling net wrap, baling twine, silage pit covers, silage inoculants and grain storage bags.

SilaWRAP is the original silage stretch film and is IP’s most well known and used silage product.

For premium quality silage wrapping film, SilaWRAP PLUS and EnduroWRAP use the latest advances in IP’s patented pre-stretch technology to achieve greater stretch wrapping efficiencies.

In application and performance SilaNET is amongst the highest quality bale net wraps worldwide. IP customers now have a competitive alternative brand that performs well in a range of round balers achieving secure crop protection and perfect round bales in hay or silage.

Available in a variety of high knot strengths, SilaTWINE baling twine has a product to suit any bale size and density. Designed for the baling contractor, SilaTWINE’s big square bale twine range is manufactured with single tape construction to ensure superior knot holding and consistent roundness for a smooth, less abrasive run through the baler.

IP’s SilaFARM Product Family is manufactured to International Quality Standards and is tailored to suit Australia’s unique and harsh conditions.

The SilaFARM Product Family brand name is your guarantee of quality products designed to maximise returns from your baling, silage and crop investment. And, unlike many imported products, they are manufactured to International Quality Standards and cater for the most extreme environmental conditions and applications.

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