Premium Quality Silage Wrapping Film - SilaWRAP PLUS

By Integrated Packaging

Integrated Packaging - Extra Length, Extra Strength, More Bales!

Premium quality silage wrapping film, SilaWRAP PLUS is based on patented Altex pre-stretch technology and provides more bales per roll to achieve greater wrapping efficiencies and returns on your stock feed investment.

Combining all the anti-UV degradation and UV stabilization features made famous by Integrated Packaging, it is also available in volume customisable lengths.

Features of SilaWRAP Plus include:
  • More bales per roll. Greater wrapping efficiencies
  • High tack plus high puncture and tear resistance
  • Provides an airtight and weatherproof shield
  • 12 month guarantee against UV degradation
  • Has the advantages of EnduroWRAP without having to change gears