Pre-Stretch Silage Films

By Integrated Packaging

Integrated Packaging - IP's Pre stretched silage films achieve more bales per roll offering more choice and value.

More bales, more value!

Developed by Integrated Packaging to provide an extensive choice of baling and wrapping solutions, EnduroWRAP and SilaWRAP PLUS  are available in a wide range of widths, lengths and gauges. They are custom-made stretch film designed to suit your individual application.

These premium quality silage wrapping films, SilaWRAP PLUS and EnduroWRAP use the latest advances in our patented pre-stretch technology to help you achieve greater wrapping effciencies.SilaWRAP Plus offers an added benefit as it requires no gear change from conventional film.

Features of EnduroWRAP and SilaWRAP PLUS silage baling film include:

  • Environmentally friendly with less disposal
  •  High tack plus high puncture and tear resistance
  • Available in a variety of widths, lengths and gauges
  • Cost and production efficiencies of usage 
  • SilaWRAP Plus is also available in volume-order custom sizes
  • More bales per roll
  • Greater wrapping efficiencies
  • Provides an airtight and weatherproof shield
  • 12 month guarantee against UV degradation
  • No gear change with SilaWRAP PLUS

Because of this wide variety to select from, it offers substantial cost and production efficiencies, enabling you to stretch your stock feed investment even further.

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