GrainBAG- Grain Storage Solutions

By Integrated Packaging

Integrated Packaging - Low cost, alternative for grain or silage storage. Designed with extra strength for maximum harvest protection.

Integrated Packaging has again added to their one-stop-crop packaging range. The SilaFARM Product Family now offers ‘Grain BAG’, a low cost high quality grain storage system.

Grain BAG is thick and strong and unlike many other fodder bags has been purposely designed and manufactured to hold grain for extended periods.

Environmentally friendly, Grain BAG reduces the need for chemical treatment during storage. Grain BAG also reduces transport costs, eases congestion during harvest, holds any grain or fodder type and has a 220 tonne capacity - depending on grain type.

Like all harvest products in The SilaFARM Product Family Grain BAG is UV protected for unique local conditions.

Developed and manufactured to International Quality Standards, all products within The SilaFARM Product Family are designed to be cost-effective and withstand the harshest environment and conditions. Grain BAG and The SilaFARM Product Family range offer a wide selection of crop packaging products to suit your budget including; silage wrap, inoculants, baler twines, bale net and silage pit covers.

Features of GrainBAG  include:

  • Low cost storage system
  • Holds any grain or fodder type
  • Reduces transport costs
  • 220 tonne capacity (depending on grain type)
  • Eases congestion during harvest
  • UV protected for Australian conditions

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