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Industry Update Online

By Industry Update Manufacturing Media
  • Industry Update Online

Visual Overhaul and simplified search
The new Industry Update Portal, industryupdate.com.au, has a modern, simple, look and feel. Experts and client polling have been used to make sure the layout and navigation are as simple and intuitive as possible.

This helps makes your products and editorial easier than ever to find.

Our search engine has been engineered from the ground up to be lightning fast and incredibly simple to use. Just as importantly, it’s been built to provide a higher quality of relevant results for users, saving them time and making sure your products get maximum exposure.

Positioning itself as a trusted online news portal
Industry Update Magazine gained its No. 1 position by delivering the most relevant in-depth content to help build the largest, most engaged readership in the market. industryupdate.com.au takes this strategy into the future by providing the same level of quality content to our readers online and comfortably moves into its new role as market leader in delivery of industry news online.

industryupdate.com.au features new online-only content including:

  • Monthly feature video interviews with industry leaders.
  • Interactive guides on topics like workplace fitness and OH&S.
  • In-depth feature series on critical content.

Quality content means quality traffic: our strategy is intended to encourage key decision makers in various sectors of industry to engage with content more deeply and come back more regularly. A greater level of engagement gives advertisers more opportunities for effective, targeted promotion of their products.

New High Impact Immersive Advertising
Our Portal’s new immersive ads give advertisers the opportunity to create highly targeted, powerful visual imprint on all visitors to industryupdate.com.au.

Our in-house creative team will work with you to design interactive / immersive advertising campaigns, including:

  • Masthead – high impact static ads integrated into our site portal masthead for maximum exposure
  • Immersive ads - Full header ads combining immersive home page graphics with interactive components
  • Custom competition and survey pages
  • Email campaigns to communicate directly with our engaged audience
  • Video and banner ad light-boxes

SEO Investment
industryupdate.com.au ranks highly on highly targeted/niche Industry, Manufacturing and Business and Finance search terms on Google. The portal has been developed to optimise content for search so that users on Google are pulled directly to your product / company profiles on industryupdate.com.au.

Reporting and measurement
The portal includes a comprehensive live reporting centre to help advertisers measure the impact and value of their investment. Just log on and get your stats 24/7!