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Natural lubricants and protective coatings as seen on ABC's Landline! For a better environment!

Lanotec lanolin based lubricants are available in liquid and grease forms for general purpose, heavy duty and fine uses. Lanotec products are... Positively SAFE  Environmentally Friendly  Non - Conductive  Corrosion inhibitors

Lanotec penetrates, lubricates and protects..

 Vinyl and Plastic

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Lanotec and its production

Treatment of metal to make it impenetrable to water and rust proof

Savings on chain maintenance

Use in the corrosive environment of Incitec fertiliser plant

See Hasting Deering protect heavy equipment from transport overseas

Awonga Dam project Gladstone QLD use Lanotec as a formwork sealer

Gladstone botanic garden uses Lanotec to protect its timber walk ways and bridges

High speed passenger ferries save 50 litres of fuel per day by spraying the hulls

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