Self-Adhesive Backing

By Jehbco

DESCRIPTION: a permanent tape with tissue carrier, the adhesive is a modified acrylic, offering good UV light and chemical resistance together with very high performance over a wide temperature range. The liner is a two sided release system.


Adhesive 50gsm  
Tissue 12gsm Adhesive & Carrier 115 micron
Adhesive 55gsm  
Liner 90gsm Liner 75 micron

APPLICATIONS: a high performance, high temperature resistant modified acrylic adhesive at high coatweight makes 2881 especially suitable for splicing applications especially where high temperatures are involved. The product is also suitable for name plate and foam laminating.


  20 min 24 hour Test Method
Adhesion to Steel Open Side 700 N/M 1000 N/M PSMA DST 1
  Closed Side 700 N/M 1000 N/M PSMA DST 1
Shear Adhesion Open Side 40 Hours   PSMA DST 2
  Closed Side 40 Hours   PSMA DST 2
Loop Tack Open Side 450 N/M   PSMA DST 4
  Closed Side 450 N/M   PSMA DST 4



Recommended Service Temperature Range: > -10°C to 180°C Application Temperature Range: > 5°C to 60°C

* Minimum shelf life when stored in closed box away from direct heat sources and light –2 YEARS.